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Promotional Pens – Important Benefits To Consider!

When it comes to discussing how promotional pens can help your business, there are a few crucial aspects that must be taken into consideration. Using promotional pens is an ideal way to help grow your business. These types of pens have long been considered a cost-effective and productive advertisement tool for all kinds of businesses. A typical promotional pen is a ballpoint pen, containing the logo, phone number, and address of the organization. These pens are distributed as corporate gifts during promotional campaigns, celebrity functions, and anniversaries. These are known as different names, such as printed pens, personalized pens, and advertising pens.

The Objective:

There are two major objectives of providing promotional pens. First, they want to create positive impression of their organization among customers. Pens are useful as well as affordable. Most people don’t throw them away like they do with other promotional material such as brochure or a card. Second, they help in brand recall. The caption, logo, and phone number act as constant reminders of a specific brand.

Promotional FX  is a promotional products supplier, and can provide pens to anyone linked with a particular business. Consider the example of a retail textile show room where management gives away printed pens to the customers. Moreover, it can also distribute customized pens to its employees and customers. Below are some important advantages of these pens:


One of the major benefits of advertising pens is the fact that they are highly cost-effective. If you opt for a bulk order, you can get them dead cheap. As most of these pens are ballpoint pens, they will have the same functionality and lifespan as ballpoint pens.

Easy Distribution

Another vital benefit of these pens is the fact that they are easy to distribute. You don’t need to gift-wrap it. A business can simply give it to a customer. Moreover, there are no major issues concerning the packing and unpacking. Not only can it help the organization to save the expense of the item, but it can also decrease the costs related to it as well.

Brand Promotion Capacity

These pens have enormous potential as far as their brand promotion capacity is concerned. They act as an advertisement of the company, as they are likely to be viewed by a number of people. Even if you consider only the family members and colleagues of the customer, it is worth the money and effort, as the money required for manufacturing such pens is extremely low.


The advertising pens suit all types of businesses. If you have a small firm, then you may opt for a low cost advertising solution. For a larger firm, giving more elegant gift is the right decision. Moreover, such larger businesses have the option to go for high quality and more expensive pens.


Finding manufacturers of these types of pens is not difficult. Such companies can easily be found on the Internet. When you choose a company, make sure not to make a decision based on the cost alone. Extremely inexpensive pens destroy the reputation of the company.