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Also known as active wear, sportswear includes footwear and clothing worn for physical exercise or for sports. For most sports, clothing that is specific to physical exercises and certain sports are worn mainly for reasons of safety, comfort or practicality. No matter what sport you are involved in, you will need the appropriate sports clothing. Sports that require apparel specifically tailored for use include swimming, hunting, boxing, yoga, bowling, biking, golf, football and basketball. As a matter of fact more and more clothing providers like Promotional FX are sponsoring basketball uniforms [MDP2] for various teams.


Sports clothing is intended to provide comfort and safety to players during their particular games or competitions. There are also specific equipment that belongs to specific sports such as studs for soccer, boxing gloves for boxing and goggles for swimming. Without specific apparel, most sports cannot be played properly. For instance, baseball without baseball bats or golfing without a golf club is impossible.


Of course, fashion conscious folks sometimes use sportswear as casual wear, and it is becoming easier to find a sportswear store  that will cater to the fashion conscious non-athletes as well. But for the most part, athletes need sportswear to be functional rather than fashionable. The good news is that most stylists and sportswear designers are coming up with clothing that is both fashionable and functional and do not in any way get in the way of an athlete’s comfort.

Full Lines

These days, more and more sports clothing stores are carrying full lines of athletic wear including tops, bottoms, swimwear, dresses used by tennis players and even shoes. Typical garments that are sport-specific include polo shirts, tennis shirts, T-shirts, tracksuits and shorts. Garments that are specialised include leotards for gymnastics, ski suits for swimming and wet suits for surfing, diving and swimming. Trainers are another name for sports footwear. Sportswear also includes underwear such as sports bras and jockstraps and is also at times worn as fashionable casual clothing.

Athletes usually wear different clothing items in combination such as shirt, pants and sports shoes. For some sports, there may be a need to wear protective gear such as American football body armour or helmets.


Typically, sportswear needs to be light in weight so that the wearer is not encumbered. For some types of exercise, the best athletic wear should not be bulky or create drag, such as for cycling. On the other hand, movement should not be restricted and must be loose enough for other types of sports such as in karate or basketball. Protective gear is involved by different sports that are physically dangerous such as for ice hockey, American football and fencing.

Sports Uniforms

A uniform can also be a set of standardized identical sportswear that all the players need to use. In sports that involve teams, each opposing side is identified usually by the clothing colours. Each team member can be recognized individually by a shirt’s back number. For sportswear that is form-fitting, spandex is the material preferred. This is true for sports such as swimming, speed skating, gymnastics, dance, track & field and wrestling. You will find most sports uniforms available from various sports clothing stores.