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Different types of personal protective equipment

Personal protective equipment also called as PPE meant to safety work wear that its purpose is to save the wearer from accidents and injuries. The aim of these equipment is not simply for the work area, but also for the work associated to sports and other activities that can make harm to the body. Personal protective equipment lessen the chances of user’s exposure to dangers by acting like a barrier. The various kinds of protective material can be listed as eye protectors, skin protectors, and respiratory protectors, hearing protectors, protective clothing, head protectors, work shoes and safety trainers.

Skin PPE:

Physical agents, chemical agents and biological agents are certain things that the body needs protection from. Agents like radiation, aerosols, parasites, high temperature, splashes, contaminated surfaces etc. are very regarded greater risk and dangerous in creating long term damage to the skin. Certain examples of these kinds of equipment are work shoes, gloves, coats, face shields, rubber aprons and jackets.

Eye PPE:

Eye injuries happen because of small and big particles in the oxygen. Particles like broken glass, dust, sand, wood chips and cement chips cause these types of injuries. Other injuries can take place by chemical substances in and other things in the way of light rays, welding work etc. Goggles, safety glasses with side protection, face respirators are the kinds of materials availed to guard the eyes from injuries.

Respiratory PPE:

Wearers are guarded from breathing in contaminated oxygen that harm the respiratory system. The two kinds of respirators are the oxygen mask and the gas mask. Gas mask is made to filter out the chemicals and toxic gases while the oxygen mask is designed to fit on the place to offer pure and breathable air.

Protective clothing:

This kind of clothing is made by a protective clothing supplier with scientifically checked materials to offer the user optimum protection. Lab coats, ballistic vests, Hi Vis workwear, work shoes, body suits are examples of these kinds of clothing. Every company owner by law should make sure that the correct protective gears and uniforms are offered to worker in right working conditions.

Hearing PPE:

Hearing issues are usual in the manufacturing field and happen without the affected individual knowing it. It is an unaware process, which is caused through noise levels surpassing the suggested limit. Special hearing protectors are available in the design of earplugs and earmuffs.

Head PPE:

This kind of material is commonly availed in the building and construction area. They are available in the form of safety caps and helmets. Personal protective equipment are very important in the dangerous working conditions. Usually the term is availed to explain items availed in daily life. Every company owner has to buy the important PPE to protect their employees. Promotional FX has all types of PPE that are available at an affordable rate. If you are planning to buy in bulk quantity, you can also get a discount on the purchase. Collect information from the internet before you go for shopping, it will help you to get an idea about its quality, feature and its price.